Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rose Mapendo

Rose Mapendo is a Tutsi Congolese from the Tutsi Banyamulenge tribe born in a remote village of Mulenge in East Congo. She was married like the majority of girls at a very early age (16 years) in 1979. She never been to school and was raised to become a wife and a mother. In 1994 she moved from her village to a big city called Mbujimayi (the capital city of Kasai Oriental) to give her six children a chance to attend school boys and girls alike, a chance she never had. Her and her husband who was educated started a successful Butcher business. Her husband was the only son of her parents. She and her husband wanted to have as many children as they can have. In 1998 Rose’s life became a nightmare.

Rose Mapendo, honored by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as The Humanitarian of the Year in 2009, and her brother Dr. Kigabo Mbazumutima, have launched Mapendo New Horizons ("MNH"). MNH is a non-profit organization committed to promoting health, peace, reconciliation and equity in African territories, including the Great Lakes region, where extreme violence and abuse have left countless survivors -- especially women and children -- in need of medical, emotional, and social healing. Rose Mapendo is no longer affiliated with Mapendo International in Boston, Massachusetts.

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