Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stephanie Wetzel

The awesome woman of the day is someone none of you have heard of.  Her name is Stephanie Wetzel. She is our (the Philosophy Department) outstanding graduate of the year.  She is a double major in Philosophy and Biology, so very smart and dedicated.

She is without doubt one of the best students to come through our department, but more than that, she is one of the all around best people.  Her attitude is always up and she never heard the word 'failure'.  This is not just in grades, but any challenge that comes her way.  She plans to go to med school (and has been accepted in several) and after that I expect to see her heading up something like Doctors Without Borders.  She has done an internship in South America where she handled everything thrown her way, up to and including delivering babies.  She's humble, self effacing and funny.  Intensely curious, she is interested in everything from symbolic logic to climate change.  She is one of those graduates I'll always remember, and expect to see making a difference. And she's one of those students I'll miss terribly.

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