Sunday, July 3, 2011

Omer Goldman

I posted a clip of a truly awesome woman the other day and many of u took interest. She isn't famous but is my hero. Her name is Omer Goldman, and she is an Israeli woman of abt 21 years old and more integrity and strength than most ppl I know.

She is the daughter of a Mossad Chief, and Israeli refusenik. She was raised as all other Israelis, to join the armed forces and like it. As she got closer to 18, however, she did what set her aside from everyone else her age and nationality... she questioned her future and authority.

She visited a settlement one day, and was shot at, blindly, she noticed by Israeli soldiers- ppl she had always thought were there to protect her. She realized something was in more danger from Israelis than Palestinians, contrary to what she was taught to believe. She ended up in a miltary prison, and that is not the awesome part, to me.

She is awesome because unlike the majority of the population of Israel, she bothered to question authority, and challenge her entire belief system. To me, standing up to her parents and family and refusing to occupy other ppls lands, potentially encouraging violence onto herself as well as rejection from peers willingly, for what she knows is right makes her awesome. Cognative dissonance is a painful process, and most ppl complain and give up. But she willingly went to jail, and probably still does periodically. She faces a judge, refuses to "enlist," and goes to jail, pattern, until either she or the military court gives in. Israel doesn't tend to relax, ever, and her home has become her adversary.

There happen to be many refusers now, the difference is they have done their mandatory service, and now speak out. She has renewed my faith in humanity, and proven that even out of darkness, hate and occupation, there can be light, humanity and hope. She reminds me of me, ppl call me unAmerican, ungrateful and a terrorist, but I can handle it from ppl I know are wrong, ignorant and brainwashed... but from my own family it can hurt the worst. She said her mother is accepting and her father resentful and distant, and he is very high in the israeli version of the CIA. My family was also built upon military beliefs, so I can understand how every day you choose whether to be right, or to be quiet for the sake of peace.

I think she is awesome because she realizes that being quiet for the sake of peace is the problem, often times. And that peace is bought with someone's blood, suffering and a nation's ignorance. Omer Goldman is past awesome... she is, I believe an enlightened individual, proof that israelis, are not inherently bad, amoral or apathetic. She is strong enough to stand up to her govt, her friends and her family and say, "I'm sorry Father, but I cannot fight for your Israel." The hardest thing, even beyond jail, to do. I hope she knows how much faith she has restored to me, and my friends, in humanity, humankind, and in a peaceful future, without war. The world needs more ppl like her. I know she hurts, but she is true, and right and brave. Thank you, Omer.... ;)

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