Monday, October 10, 2011

Erica Jong

Monday’s Awesome Woman of the Day is writer and teacher Erica Jong (1942-present). You can get the beats of Jong’s life on her lameish Wikipedia page ( but for me, more interesting is this 2007 interview she did with Susie Bright. In it Jong discusses sex as you age, teaching teenagers about sex, and how the definition of what sex is can expand as you go through life. Jong books taught me about life and sex and men and love and parenting and writing. She taught me to appreciate what she calls “the life force” and made me realize that being bookish and literate was pretty fucking sexy. Erica Jong is 69 (!) and is still out there thinking, feeling and experiencing life with passion and love.

Beyond the ‘Zipless Fuck’ With Erica Jong - 10 Zen Monkeys
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