Monday, October 3, 2011

Virgina Hall

Today's awesome woman is Virgina Hall. She coordinated the French Resistance with British intelligence during WWII, and was forced to make an escape on foot across the Pyrenees mountains to elude the Nazis ... and she did it with a WOODEN LEG. She named the leg "Cuthbert". For that alone she is awesome, because that is some hard core snark and laughing in the face of adversity right there. The Nazis hated her and wanted her destroyed at all costs. The more Nazis hate you, the more awesome you are. Thus, she is mega-awesome.
Virginia Hall, MBE, DSC (April 6, 1906 —July 14, 1982) was an American spy during World War II. She was also known by many aliases: "Marie Monin", "Germaine", "Diane", "Marie of Lyon" and "Camille".[1][2] The Germans gave her the nickname Artemis. The Gestapo reportedly considered her "the most dang...