Monday, January 16, 2012

Marie Bonaparte

Monday’s Awesome Woman of the Day is Princess Marie Bonaparte (1882-1962), a pioneer in sexual research on women’s orgasms.

Bonaparte, a great-grandniece of Napoleon, was unable to have an orgasm during intercourse and instead of just accepting it and doing whatever women were supposed to do instead, she set out to find why. After discovering she could orgasm through masturbation (not exactly the sort of behavior that was encouraged, btw), she theorized that the distance of a women’s clitoris from her vagina might be a factor in how easily a women could have an orgasm through intercourse. She interviewed 243 women, took their measurements and discovered that, indeed, distance mattered. Women with a clitoris to vagina distance of one inch or less were most able to have an orgasm through intercourse, while women with a greater distance had greater difficulty.

According to this fascinating (and quick read) “The Rule of Thumb: Vagina Types and Variability of Female Orgasm,” (

Since Marie’s research, consistent findings in numerous similar studies have led to the development of the Rule of Thumb. Evolutionary biologist and professor at Indiana University, Elisabeth Loyd, describes the Rule of Thumb based on the length between the tip of your thumb and it’s first joint – if the space between the clit and vagina is shorter than this length, vaginal orgasm is easier; if the space between the clit and vagina is longer than this length, chances are penetrative sex alone won’t do the trick.

I will let you go now if you want to see how the Rule of Thumb works for you...

p.s. i know, i know, white Euro chick on MLK day. but this is who I was feeling today and i'm working for free here.