Friday, January 27, 2012

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, the wicked smart host of her own show on MSNBC is the picture of awesomeness. A relatively young (38) accomplished TV personality, she is also a Rhodes Scholar, who did her doctorate at Oxford University in Political Science. 

Rachel was born and grew up in the Bay area of California, and Graduated from Stanford University. She was the first openly gay American recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. 

With all these achievements, she still comes across as a genuinely nice person. Her combination of humor and humility I think, are what makes her such a success.

Another thing that sets her apart from most of the political talk shows, is that she welcomes differing viewpoints, and when someone who disagrees comes on her show, she listens, treats them respectfully and has a real conversation. 

The biggest plus for her show, is she DOES HER HOMEWORK! When she covers a subject, she does so thoroughly, and educates her audience. She always asks the experts she invites, if she,” has it right”; I have never heard one correct her. She has had politicians and pundits call her names, accuse her of lying and even assert that she is running for office – she is not! To underscore her integrity, when she finds that she has made an error on her show, she comes on the air, broadcasts the error, and the correction and apologizes. 

Rachel does a great job of calling out those in power, and those in the media who are not doing their jobs. She pokes holes in puffery, and points out fallacies. Her interviews are interesting and thought provoking. Not to mention , she mixes a mean cocktail!