Friday, February 3, 2012

Madeline Kahn

Awesome woman of the Day: Madeline Kahn

One of my all time favorite actors, and one of the funniest women who ever graced the stage was Madeline Kahn. She was stunningly gorgeous and damn funny.

No matter what she appeared in, from SNL to Sesame Street, (Google her utube clip with Grover!)she came through as someone you’d like to know, even at her most irritating in, “What’s up Doc?” There was a vulnerability and humanity in her. She had numerous nominations for Tonys, Emmys and Oscars, and Golden Globes. She won a Tony and an Emmy, and her appearance as Lily VonShtupp in Blazing Saddles was one of the 100 funniest characters ever. 

She died much too soon, as I’m sure she had many more great roles in her.

JWA - Jewish Women in Comedy - Madeline Kahn
A perennial scene-stealer, Madeline Kahn appeared in some of the funniest movies in Hollywood history, leaving a legacy as one of the all-time funny ladies in show business. While primarily achieving fame through her comedic work, Kahn was also an accomplished stage and television actress.