Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sandra Fluke

I feel I would be remiss to not make her our WOD this week, unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of our WOD for Tuesday March 6, 2012 is Sandra Kay Fluke (born April 17, 1981). She is the American feminist and activist enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center. 

Fluke graduated from Cornell University in 2003 and spent five years working for Sanctuary for Families, a New York-based nonprofit aiding victims of domestic violence, where she launched the agency's pilot Program Evaluation Initiative. She co-founded the New York Statewide Coalition for Fair Access to Family Court, which successfully advocated for legislation granting access to civil orders of protection for unmarried victims of domestic violence, including LGBTQ victims and teens. Fluke was also a member of the Manhattan Borough President's Taskforce on Domestic Violence and numerous other New York City and New York State coalitions that successfully advocated for policy improvements impacting victims of domestic violence.

While at Georgetown University Law Center, she worked on issues that involved domestic violence and human trafficking.

While these accomplishments are impressive and worthy of her being considered as a WOD, I also feel that she has demonstrated poise and class with respect to the vicious attacks perpetrated on her by the Vile sub-human radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

You see, Sandra Fluke testified before Democratic members of the House of Representatives on why she believed free contraception is generally essential.

In Fluke's testimony, she argued in favor of requiring all private insurance plans to cover contraception coverage, even religious institutions. She argued that over the three years as a law student, birth control could cost $3,000 in some cases. She continued that the lack of free contraception would induce many low income students to go without contraceptives and that women's free health clinics cannot meet the need.

She then discussed the consequence of such policies, anecdotally citing a friend with polycystic ovary syndrome. While the condition was "covered by Georgetown insurance", getting treatment was difficult because of the policy. According to Fluke, her friend was denied coverage, even with a verified condition from her doctor. She also added that this is not a rare event for women with these medical conditions under insurance plans that did not coverage contraception. She then stated that she wanted equal treatment for women's health issues and did not see the issue as being against the Catholic Church.

What did that mean to Rush? Well of course that meant that she was a “slut” who wanted the US taxpayers to pay for her birth control so that she can have even more sex. The fact that this man has been married 4 times to younger women and still does not know how birth control works is troubling to say the least. He even went so far as to say he wanted her to videotape herself having sex and post it on-line so the taxpayers who pay for her birth control could watch where their money was going. He continued his attacks on Miss Fluke for three days on his show. Limbaugh repeated his previous attacks against Fluke and insurance coverage for contraception until his advertisers started dropping his show. 

The pressure of the almighty dollar finally forced his hand to issue a statement. He released an apology on his official website, which wasn’t an apology as much as it was an attack on the Left for bringing him to the point that he just Had to “sink to their level”

Fluke responded to his latest apology on ABC's The View saying:
I don't think that a statement like this, saying that his choice of words was not the best, changes anything, and especially when that statement is issued when he's under significant pressure from his sponsors who have begun to pull their support from the show. / I think any woman who has ever been called these types of names is [shocked] at first. / But then I tried to see this for what it is, and I believe that what it is, is an attempt to silence me, to silence the millions of women and the men who support them who have been speaking out about this issue and conveying that contraception is an important healthcare need that they need to have met in an affordable, accessible way.
She said Limbaugh's comments were not "one person who went crazy" and made one inappropriate remark. "He insulted me more than 50 times over three days," said Fluke

Sandra Fluke, standing up for women’s reproductive rights and holding her head high since March 2012. Her parents should be very proud…a sentiment shared and conveyed to her by our president.